A guide to the community reward system
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As a collector you are eligible for rewards.

When I offer utility, it's based on establishing an art distribution pipeline that feeds the most engaged and loyal collectors as a THANK YOU.

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  • Discord
  • Earn $money chatting
  • Register with the twitter bot and earn money tweeting with certain tags.
  • Any item
  • Discord JOE role
  • 250 $money weekly
  • Burn utility
  • Burn 5x 1 Tez pieces (those listed here) and acquire 100 $money.

    Tag me in Shop channel and link your history tab.


  • Regular JOE
  • Monthly 1/1 piece with claimable print raffle. (1 eth)
  • Monthly GJOE raffle.
  • Raffle for THE SPECIAL JOE on end of season.
  • Each Regular Joe acts as a lot in the SPECIAL JOE raffle.
  • Each Legendary Wørds card acts as a lot in the SPECIAL JOE raffle.
  • Discord TOP JOE role
  • 1000 $money monthly


  • GJOE
  • Weekly 1/1 piece raffle (0.4 eth)
  • Weekly WØRDS pack raffle.
  • Weekly tez piece.
  • Monthly exclusive Tezos airdrop. Only for GJOE on OBJKT.
  • No rewards


  • OK, Sweet or Confused
  • Send 5x to unpack.tez & pick a GJOE
    No mix, 5x of same card.
  • Exact same perks as a REGULAR JOE
  • Active = Needs Action or claim
  • Passive = Automatic

Spend your $money in the Discord Shop on exclusive community NFT drops and all my 1/1 NFTS across all platforms I'm active on. Expect more items in the shop eventually.

Join the Discord Community to participate and to get familiar with the reward system.



One of a kind contemporary mixed media pieces on canvas and paper. Original artworks unlike anything else on the market. Ships with Certificates of Authenticity.

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Original A2 Mixed Media Piece

Limited Edition Prints

Gallery quality giclée prints. Printed on world renown papers by Hahnemühle with the exceptional Canon PRO-1000 printer with original Lucia Pro inks. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Shipping Worldwide

Wherever you are, my art will reach you.

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Life long practice

Born artist, professional since 2008.

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Prices for everyone

I base my prices on size and scarcity.

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When I was starting my own brand, I reached out to Custom Horror for a commissioned piece.  Custom Horror executed the ideas I had with my logo and his style perfectly! Can only recommend working with Custom if you like his style and want exceptional value for your money! Loved the whole process!

Super nice, welcoming, and approachable artist with undeniable talent. But talent is not all, Custom Horror puts in the work and you can clearly see it in his work. Really cool stuff from an artist with great attitude!

Vladimir GospodinovWolf48designs

David Liwoch is the rare species of human that contains both a glossy colorful and spectacular wrap as well as an unmistakable human depth and closeness. His monsters have enriched my life and his being is an angel on the Danish art scene.


Bought both art and insane cool c-19 masks from this talented guy! Just love the crazy characters, vibrant colors and the mood of the art!

Evelyn Rulffs

5 Star rating on Google

Follow the link beneath.

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