Your chance to win the JOE

the regular joes

Each release is 10 uniquely crafted JOE NFTs. 9 regular JOES & 1 special JOE, or THE JOE. A regular JOE is painted in VR and released as a 30 second animation with an individual tune. The special JOE can be anything. But rest assured this JOE NFT is always out of the ordinary.

A JOE is great! A JOE is a unique collectable. Also, every JOE comes with the inherent chance to win THE JOE. After a batch of JOES has been distributed, a lottery for THE JOE initiates. Every JOE counts as a lot in this lottery.

Now pay attention. Every future batch releases with a new special JOE referred to as THE JOE. All regular JOES, old as well as new, count as a lot to win THE JOE.

All JOES are unique. But THE JOE is not only unique, it's also really hard to get.


There will be 9 packs for sale. When you buy a pack you will receive 1 regular JOE after all 9 packs have been sold.

Distribution of JOES will happen during a live stream.

Holding a JOE gives a chance to win THE JOE.

Stay tuned for dates and announcements on twitter and on discord.

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The king of this batch of JOEs.

A 42 second animated NFT with beats produced by no other than MCTR. This can't turn out other than really badass.

Only winnable by holding a regular JOE.

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with physical print

Get one of four unique points of view of THE JOE launching on four different platforms. Each a one of a kind high resolution NFT with a real print available to accompany it.


Comes with Gallery Quality Print.
Shipping & packaging included.

Print info:
- Printed with Canon Pro 1000 with original inks
- 350gsm Hahnemühle Museum Etching paper
- Size 420x594 mm. 20mm border
- Signed and numbered edition 1 of 1

Links to each platform above.