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Pom Pon Pete

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About custom horror

This page delivers monsters, and lots of them. Decorate your walls with my . Use the files you have collected for your commercial work or browse through where you'll find limited edition merchandise and some of my original artwork.

Take a daily peek, browse through the monsters and read about them. Download the source file or the 15x10 cm (5.91x3.94 inch) printable monster-card and use it any way you please. There is a little catch; you can only get the source file and the monster-card of the latest random monster. Checking up often makes sense. You gotta catch them all!

What's next?

If you haven't already, download today's monster. Then go get creative, include my vector monsters and sell your work.. or don't. Just get that nice kick of your own creative process and the results. If you want me to see it, tweet your work to or post it on my . Perhaps use my vector characters in your upcoming client-work. One thing is sure, if you like today's monster, download it now. It could be long before it's accessible again.

Enjoy the freebies, and keep coming back for more.

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Sell my vector monsters on t-shirts, cups or the likes. Use shops like , , and . Redesign the monsters or use them in your own designs or art and sell at shops like , and . Perhaps you can use the vector monsters to include in your latest design for a client. The possibilities are many.


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Hi, my name is David Liwoch. I'm a Copenhagen-based character artist and the creator of the monsters and the art you'll find here. On the side I'm working as a Freelance Graphics Designer. I love coffee.


Call me and leave a message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

+45 2819 1001

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