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Say hi to Faggot Twiggy boy
Very little is known about this one

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Download today's monster "Faggot Twiggy boy" as a PDF file.

Faggot Twiggy boy

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About custom horror

This page delivers monsters, and lots of them. Decorate your walls with my . Buy a subscription and use the files you have collected for your commercial work or browse through where you'll find limited edition merchandise and some of my original artwork.

Take a daily peek, browse through the monsters and read about them. Download the source file or the 15x10 cm (5.91x3.94 inch) printable monster-card and use it any way you please. There is a little catch; you can only get the source file and the monster-card of the latest random monster. Checking up often makes sense. You gotta catch them all!

What's next?

You’ll be seeing more monsters, lots and lots of monsters. Besides this, I don't really know. This page used to be a daily thing, but the past two years most of my energy goes into running, my coffee-shop and art-gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I'm serving awesome cups of coffee! So if you happen to be in Copenhagen you should definitely come around.

Enjoy the freebies, and keep coming back for more.

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If you plan to use the available source files for business, please get a monthly license subscription. The subscription is all you need if you want to use the source files for commercial work or for resale purposes.

You must agree that you will not use source-files from Custom Horror for commercial work,
unless you subscribe to a license.

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Each subscription cycle lasts one month and allows you to use the monsters acquired from this site commercially during that period.

In general, as long as you produce or sell something where any of my monsters are included you need an active subscription during that period.

If items with my monsters are no longer available for sale, or if your client work including my monsters, has been delivered and dead been closed. You no longer require a subscription.
Safeguard your PayPal receipt for each payment as this is proof of your license for royalty free vector monsters during that period.

I do not allow direct resale nor relicensing of the digital files or content of these in any form.

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5 € a month.

Sell my monsters on t-shirts, cups or the likes. Use shops like , and . Redesign the monsters or use them in your own designs or art and sell at shops like and . Perhaps you can use a monster for your latest design for a client. The possibilities are endless.


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Hi, my name is David Liwoch. I'm the father and creator of the monsters you find here at Custom Horror. Besides my godly role here, I spend most of my waking time serving great coffee at my combined coffee shop & gallery "Monster Times" in Copenhagen's poorest neighborhood. I'm also accepting jobs as a "one-man-graphics-design-studio" Une Couleur if projects seem interesting.

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